Donna Sukdolak
Hi, I'm Donna Sukdolak. This is my first year on Livewire, and I hope to make the best of it. I love art of all kinds and photography; my goal is to bring more beauty into this word for more people to see. I always have a craving for seafood, but I love gummy bears more than anyone can imagine. I also love drawing, and you'll never catch me without a pencil and paper in my hand. One of my role models is my sister; she made it through high school and is now pursuing her career in art. Animals are more than half my life; I love them all no matter what breed or type I will love them no matter what. In school I love all my class especially civics, art, math and biology. Outside of school I go out on runs and capture the beauty I find; I hang out with my friends. My first name came from an old family friend, and my mother loved it so that's how I got my name, my last name originated from Poland where my dad's family came from.

Donna Sukdolak, Reporter

Livewire Staff