Homework causes stress, anxiety in teens

November 16, 2016

Let’s face it, no one likes homework. There’s no person that actually enjoys doing homework.

Some teachers don’t understand that kids have better things to do than to solve the pythagorean theorem or figure out how many apples Billy has.

A famous line most teachers say is, “This homework will only take ten minutes.” This is the biggest lie ever heard. Most students have seven to eight classes, if a teacher gives homework in each class that’s obviously not ten minutes.

How do teachers expect students to maintain an above average GPA, do sports and have an active social life? It seems impossible and most kids end up failing a class because of a homework grade.

All that homework is extra practice. Why would someone want to sit through eight hours of school and then go home and do the same exact thing they learned in class…again! Teachers should have work for students to do in class, and if they don’t complete it just have them do it the next day.

Homework is not a fun thing to do. It’s annoying, time consuming work that kids do 24/7. That might sound like a lie but there is always something that needs done. Whether it’s homework or not students still have to do it, and if something doesn’t get done in class it’s their responsibility to get it done.

The school district should add a study hall to the schedule. A study hall is an awesome thing for students to have. A study hall can relieve stress on students and teachers. Studies show that an increase in homework causes stress and negative effects on students. With a study hall everything can get done in school.

Also a study hall can take stress off of teachers as well so they don’t have to wonder if the kid did it or not. The teachers also can have a break during that study period. A study hall can take anxiety and stress away from teens.

Homework is the number one cause of stress in teens and there should be a stop to it.  



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  • G

    Gianna MarascoDec 6, 2016 at 9:17 am

    I agree 100%, Grace! I have three to four hours of homework about four nights a week! I totally think we should have a study hall!