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  • May 22Lunch - Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 21Lunch - Taco Tuesday Hard Shell Tacos, Steamed Corn, Baked Beans and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 20Lunch- Mini Corn Dogs and Cheesy Potato Bake with a choice of fruit and milk!
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  • May 17Lunch - Cheesy Pizza Sticks w/Sauce, Glazed Honey Carrots, Caesar Salad and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 16Lunch - Mash Potato Bowl w/Roll, Mash Potatoes, Steamed Corn and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 15Lunch - Big Mack Wrap, Baked Beans and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 14Lunch - Parmesan Popcorn Chicken w/Breadstick, Cheesy Broccoli and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
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  • May 13Lunch - Sloppy Joe Sandwich, French Fries and Choice of Fruit and Milk!



Preferred performer! Even though many are excited for Usher to sing at the halftime show, some may be upset and wish that someone else is performing. Some would rather have had people like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or Kendrick Lamar. Eighth grader Livi Adams said, “ I would be so much more excited if like Olivia Rodrigo or Tyler, the Creator, were singing at the super bowl.”

News Brief: Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Emma Hovan, Reporter February 8, 2024

With the most highly anticipated day of the year in American sports approaching, fans are placing bets, ironing their favorite jersey and buying chips n dip. Amidst these preparations, one burning question...

Go team! Our cheer leading squad puts lots of hard work into their sport. Yet, majority of the girls on the team feel that their work isnt appreciated enough

More Recognition Towards the Cheer Team

Londyn Runk, Reporter January 5, 2024

  Cheerleading is not an easy sport. The girls on the cheer team practice for hours to perform at a game.   However, even with all of this hard work, many girls on the team feel that...

Haulmans Therapy. Zach Haulman is helping Ayla Hieman with her injury from basketball. Haulman selects the best exercises and treatments to help everyone with their own individual injuries. “I especially like working with athletes because of their motivation to get better and back on the field,” Haulman said.

Altoona Fitness Center: Fantastic for Student Athletes!

Andie Kephart, Reporter December 21, 2023

When you walk into Altoona Fitness Center, weights will be crashing, music will be booming  and you can smell the determination and perspiration in the air.  Altoona Fitness Center is different from...

Bang! Eighth grade right side hitter Harley Prough  and Eighth grader middle attacker Ava Miller smile at the camera. Miller and Prough played in the last volleyball game. Miller said, Yes, the last game took a toll on all of us but doesn’t make any of our less effective to us.”

” ’98 Braves” To Volleyball

Lydia Schimansky, Reporter December 21, 2023

The  Lady Spikers had a great season with very few losses. But, in the last game of the season, something unexpected happened. Both A and B teams lost to opponents they beat early on in the season. That...

To play or not to play. Many children are starting sports earlier than ever before. Eighth grader Livi Adams shared that she thinks that kids should start early. “I think children should get into sports as soon as possible because they need to be introduced to a healthy lifestyle before it’s too late,” Adams said.

Youth Sports – The Positives And Negatives

Emma Hovan, Reporter December 21, 2023

As a little girl was rushing through the grass, with the summer sun blaring on her skin, her cleats being mired down by the muddy field, something in her sparked.   Eighth grader Brianna Hudson...

Eighth grade science teacher Paul Neatrour is seen here back in his successful university days of playing baseball. He is still very proud of his accomplishment to this day. Neatrour said,“I was voted into the Hall of Fame because of my four years of successful baseball playing at Mansfield University.”

Famous Teacher Hiding in Plain Sight!

Ella Heverly, Reporter December 21, 2023

Eight grade science teacher Paul Neatrour was nominated to be in the Hall of Fame in 2014, but has sadly retired from his baseball life.   Many students do not know of him being famous in the...

Mansion Park

Vionna Jackson, Reporter May 23, 2023

Here, Solomon is coaching his girls. The team was working on sprints inside the school at the time.

Goodbye, Coach Solomon

Ingrid Steward, Reporter May 3, 2023

A teacher, a mentor and a coach. All these words are what describe Sam Solomon. Solomon is the eighth and seventh grade girls' track coach! He has been coaching the girl's team since 1999 as a head coach....

We Play We Choose

We Play We Choose

Kendy Kechner, Reporter May 1, 2023

It’s Friday and students sit down in the gym waiting anxiously for the two choices they get for games to play for a supposed, “Fun” Friday. Will it be badminton or kickball? Either way, the people...

Second to none. Jayce has the top performances in triple jump, long jump, high jump and javelin. He worked hard to achieve all of these scores by going to practice and perfecting his form.

Multi-Sport Athlete Jayce Johnston

Conner Ryan, Reporter May 1, 2023

Imagine waking up at 6 a.m., going to school, then directly to a track meet until 8 p.m., and finally getting home just to practice basketball and work on homework until 11:45 p.m. This is the routine...

Game on. Staines is all ears while they line up for face off. This gets him pumped.

Hockey is my home

Vionna Jackson, Reporter April 28, 2023

Teenage hockey player leaves home to pursue his dreams. 14-year-old eighth grader Noah Staines plays hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite. However, playing in Pittsburgh forced him to give up his eighth...

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