We Play We Choose

It’s Friday and students sit down in the gym waiting anxiously for the two choices they get for games to play for a supposed, “Fun” Friday. Will it be badminton or kickball? Either way, the people actually playing it don’t get to choose what they get to play.


There’s so many other choices for games.  For example, there’s the old games from grade school like rainbow tag, freeze tag, basketball, football, Just Dance, ping pong or even yoga! Not all students enjoy badminton or kickball, and it gets incredibly boring after awhile. Students should get to vote for Fun Fridays!


If anyone would want to argue that teachers have a set curriculum, they would make a valid point, but on that said curriculum, there is a free day. That free day should be as the name suggests, free. Students should get options and vote on it to make it actually fun!  


It’s not that hard to do either! All teachers would need to do is, take a vote before class. Not only would there be much happier students, but much happier teachers and better grades because it would help encourage students to participate as well. 


From my own experience, I know the stress and anxiety that can come with having to play certain games.

Thoughts like this run through many heads.

“I’m not good at this game.”

“Everyone is going to judge me.”

Of course, not everyone is going to like all the games even if we do switch it up, but it would ease many students because it adds variety! Many students tend to go to the back of the line for kickball just to avoid going up. As a matter of fact, I was one of them! Even with Badminton, not everyone is good at it, and there’s the fear of others judging and much distaste for the game.


Overall, it would benefit students and teachers alike if the students got to choose. It might even help with students wanting to actually participate in gym!