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Riley Steinbug

Opinion Writer

Since the year is about half way over, eighth and ninth grade students are beginning to look at classes for scheduling. Scheduling is very important for students. They must decide on classes for the following year of their sch...

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Sydney Wilfong


Freshman Sydney Wilfong's interests include music, movies, television and writing. Ever since she was little she has always had a passion for writing which still continues today.

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Sarah Weathersbee


Sarah Weathersbee plays volleyball for the high school, enjoys watching Netflix, editing photos and listening to music. She has a bubbly personality and enjoys helping people. She also enjoys playing with her dog Layla and hanging...

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Peyton Shaffer


Freshman, Peyton Shaffer enjoys listening to music, watching GLEE and The Vampire Diaries, going out with her friends and taking a photo-shoot with them, going to Chipotle, messing around with my dog, doing my makeup and going...

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Riley Steinbugl


Riley Steinbugl is a ninth grade student who loves playing softball, hanging out with her friends and taking pictures.

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Maddy Pincin


Maddy Pincin is an adventurous and outgoing person once you get to know her. She is shy at first but once she's around friends it's a different story. She plays softball on many teams and loves to hang out with friends on her...

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Maddie Detwiler


Maddie Detwiler is currently attending Altoona Area Junior High School. She has had straight A's throughout her elementary and junior high career. She is the co-captain of the Altoona Area Junior High Cheer Squad. Football games...

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Morgan Baker


Morgan Baker is a straight A student who runs varsity for the Altoona Cross Country Team. She enjoys free-style dancing, eating, writing and reading.

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Mychenze Alberts


Mychenze Alberts is a very talented writer and loves to write short stories and articles on serious topics in today's world. Mychenze has gotten one article published in the Altoona Mirror and is in the process of writing another....

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Joleyna Martino


Joleyna Martino enjoys writing and listening to music; this is the only was she can survive on a daily basis. Joleyna loves all of her friends and family, Joleyna also adores any type of animal! She has watched almost every show...

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Jocelyn Fetter


Jocelyn Fetter is a Freshman at AAJHS, is a Vans enthusiast (owns about eight pairs) and spends her time watching Netflix or Youtube. She loves conspiracy theories and loves a good book.

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Gianna Ciavarella


Gianna Ciavarella is a freshman at Altoona Area Junior High School. In her free time she is an entrepreneurial photographer for fun and plays tennis for AAHS. You'll never have the chance to understand her unique scarcasm. She...

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Caden McMaster


Freshman Caden McMaster is extremely funny and has a great attitude towards life. He participates in many fun filled activities with his family and his dog, Jasper. When he is not with his family, he is usually at the mall with...

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Caley Galarneau


Caley Galarneau is very active and loves to be around people. She is one of the Feature Twirlers for the Varsity band. Caley also loves to ride horses and go to the farm and be around animals.

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Chastity Brunner


Chastity Brunner is a student at Altoona Area Junior High School. Along with being in her school's newspaper site, she is a captain for the AAJHS cheer squad, in vocal ensemble and is currently in honors classes. Twenty One Pilots...

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Ben Blackie


Ben Blackie is a student at AAJHS. Along with being in the school newspaper, he has been a part of the school's student council since seventh grade. He is also in the ninth grade committee. Every year during his summer vacation...

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Ashley Steinbugl


Ashley Steinbugl is a very creative person who loves the Netflix series "Pretty Little Liars" and also loves dogs and food!! She loves to go shopping and also enjoys playing her favorite sport softball. She plays on the District...

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Abigail Starr


Abbie Starr is a ninth grade student who loves One Direction, hanging out with friends and taking pictures.

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