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  • May 22Lunch - Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 21Lunch - Taco Tuesday Hard Shell Tacos, Steamed Corn, Baked Beans and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 20Lunch- Mini Corn Dogs and Cheesy Potato Bake with a choice of fruit and milk!
  • May 17Click here for today's announcements!
  • May 17Lunch - Cheesy Pizza Sticks w/Sauce, Glazed Honey Carrots, Caesar Salad and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 16Lunch - Mash Potato Bowl w/Roll, Mash Potatoes, Steamed Corn and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 15Lunch - Big Mack Wrap, Baked Beans and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 14Lunch - Parmesan Popcorn Chicken w/Breadstick, Cheesy Broccoli and Choice of Fruit and Milk!
  • May 13Click here for today's announcements!
  • May 13Lunch - Sloppy Joe Sandwich, French Fries and Choice of Fruit and Milk!



Fan favorite! Even though Taylor Swift has 10 other albums, The Tortured Poets Department has quickly become a favorite of fans. Swifties all over the world had already deemed TTPD to be Swifts best album. Emma Morgan said, TTPD has to be my favorite album by far. I love all of Taylors music but especially these songs.

“The Tortured Poets Department”- Taylor Swifts New Masterpiece

Emma Hovan, Reporter May 17, 2024

While Taylor Swift was commanding the world with The Eras Tour, album re-records and her relationship with football star Travis Kelce, she was also secretly at work producing her new album, ”The Tortured...

Ways to Claw Clip

Londyn Runk, Reporter May 2, 2024

Media madness! Nowadays, kids are on social media just as much as adults. Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok were the main apps that tweens chose to engage in.

Editorial: Social Media- A Dangerous Place For Kids And Tweens

Editorial Board May 1, 2024

Kids from ages as young as eight-years-old are now being given access to social media and are being given access to smartphones.   Too many young kids and tweens have social media right in their...

Lenas! This place is hard to miss with the huge signs all over the building. Lenas has a parking lot in the back for customers only.

Lena’s Cafe

Lydia Schimansky, Reporter April 29, 2024

Lena's Cafe, located on 8th Ave, is the home of the best home style Italian food in Altoona.   The atmosphere is like taking a walk back in time:  paneled walls, vinyl booths and banquet style tables...

Editorial: Leader In Me

Editorial: Leader In Me

Editorial Board April 12, 2024

Students in the building are wondering if Leader in Me® is actually leading them in the right direction. Although the school is pouring resources, money and time into Leader In Me®, students aren't...

Lyn Lapid is an artist who appeared in 2020. She uses mixed genres of traditional Filipino and modern pop.

New Artists Popping Up Everywhere!

Fin Reed, Reporter March 22, 2024

 Lyn Lapid is an artist who began her musical career in February of 2020. She’s produced many songs in the past four years including “Poster Boy,” “Producer Man,” and many more. The genre of...

Water Bottle Conflicts

Water Bottle Conflicts

Lydia Schimansky, Reporter March 1, 2024

There are many different water bottles to choose from. They all range from size to color. These bottles are a common conflict since teenagers and some adults are raging over the popular stuff such as the...

Absurd aesthetics! Aesthetics are getting out of hand. Many people were saying how the names of some aesthetics made absolutely no sense. Eighth grader Livi Adams said, “ I think that Barbiecore and Fairycore are stupid and so unnecessary.”

Aesthetics: The Damage It Has On Teens Mental Health

Emma Hovan, Reporter February 29, 2024

 Words like "clean girl," "vanilla girl," and "coastal grandma" may appear as arbitrary words to many, but to me and my generation, they are distinct styles, preferences and identities, also known as...

Loving connection. Healthy relationships show positive connections. In a healthy relationship, you need to talk openly, trust each other and offer support. All of those things work together as a whole, so people can have non-toxic relationships.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Andie Kephart, Reporter February 29, 2024

When people think of the word “relationship,” they usually think of a connection. Your relationships could be with a family member, romantic partner or a friend. However, some relationships may be...

Rosey, stainless steel! Delicate and bright colored Stanleys stand out as the love holiday approaches. They were sold at Target until they were sold out just a few hours after their arrival.

Valentine’s Day Stanleys take the spotlight!

Ella Heverly, Reporter February 27, 2024

Pink and red are the very popular colors when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The newly popular water bottle company Stanley thinks so too. What is better than getting a bubble gum, pink  tumbler on Feb....

Fan favorite Folklore! Even though Swifties may argue about many things, something many can agree on is that Folklore, is a top-tier album. Eighth-grader Ryleigh Campbell said, I love Folklore. It is my favorite album because the songs are very meaningful and the songs are amazing.


Emma Hovan, Reporter February 6, 2024

As most people, including myself, were sitting around the house, binging Netflix series, drinking unhealthy amounts of soda, Taylor Swift was hard at work. “Folklore,” the eighth studio album...

Morgan Wallens album was named the number one album for 2023 in Billboards year-end album chart!

“One Thing At a Time” – Morgan Wallen

Lydia Schimansky, Reporter February 5, 2024

On March 3, 2023 Morgan Wallen released an album. The album was called, “One Thing at a Time.”  This album contains 36 great tracks! A few are:   "Last Night" "Everything I Love" ...

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