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Indie! Indie Rock is the style of music that Lovejoy produces. I like this style of music for them. I feel it suites them the best!

Lovejoy: A new addition to Indie Rock

Gaby Sparacino, Reporter May 18, 2023

A fairly new band is quickly rising to fame, with nearly three million monthly listeners on Spotify! Their first major U.S. tour started the first week of May and will continue until June. I have gotten...

Check it out! Heartstopper has been a hit since its release, scoring a rare 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Season two being met with high anticipation of whats to come.

“Heartstopper” on Netflix

Emmalee Martyak, Reporter May 18, 2023

Alice Oseman’s New York Times best selling comic series is brought to life in the Netflix series “Heartstopper!” Since its release, “Heartstopper'' has earned nine of its actors Emmy nominations,...

We Play We Choose

We Play We Choose

Kendy Kechner, Reporter May 1, 2023

It’s Friday and students sit down in the gym waiting anxiously for the two choices they get for games to play for a supposed, “Fun” Friday. Will it be badminton or kickball? Either way, the people...

P.E. classes need to have more options! Playing kickball weekly makes our fun days way less fun.

We should play less kickball

Emmalee Martyak, Reporter April 28, 2023

“Did I kick hard enough?” “Is it going to go the right direction?” “Did I run too slow?”  “What if I have to run back and don’t know it?”  “Did someone catch the ball?”  These...

Down... Set... Hut! This picture describes how the student section has too many rules. Students have the most negative thoughts about Altoona football games, and have many changes they wish to make.

Editorial: Students should be allowed to walk around at sporting events!

Editorial Board, Reporter March 23, 2023

The students pleading with anger towards not having the freedom to walk around at sporting events is immense. Still, the school puts students in an annoying and frustrating position. Kids want to have...

Wrong! Eighth grade student Giuliana Miller shows how students should not drink from the water fountain. Students should not put their whole mouth on the faucet because that is the wrong way to drink from the fountains.

Students should be allowed to have water bottles

Sophia Moran, Reporter February 14, 2023

I walked out of the locker room after gym. I was so thirsty! I walked up the stairs and went straight to the water fountain. Right as I was about to take a drink, I looked down. There was gum in the fountain....

On the move. Seventh grade ELA teacher Lindsay Zerbee walks her class to lunch. Zerbee and her students complete this task daily.

Grade changes with lunch procedures

Vionna Jackson, Reporter February 13, 2023

Populated places can often result in the loss of privilege due to the mass number of people in an area. Now, someone might question what I mean by that, and the answer is simply that more people results...

Strong! This eighth grader is being called emo. Instead of letting it get to her, she decided to embrace it!

The Term “Emo” is damaging

Gaby Sparacino, Reporter February 10, 2023

I was walking in the hallway on my way to class in seventh grade wearing my favorite outfit at the time. A “The Black Parade” t-shirt, “The Black Parade” Crop-top flannel and black ripped jeans...

Lets go, sports! This is the athletic pass admission card that can get students into sporting events for free. This card is good for the 2022-2023 school year.

Students should be given free admission to sporting events

Ingrid Steward, Reporter February 10, 2023

I slammed my locker shut and walked down the halls with my friends. We go down the stairs and are talking as usual. “Hey, do the boys have a game today after school?” Skylar asked. “Yeah I...

Pajama pants arent distracting anyone. Students like wearing them, and they are very popular this year.

Pajama pants in the Jr. High

Riley Glunt, Reporter February 8, 2023

“Hey, why did I get a call from the school saying you were in in school suspension?” my mother asked. “Because I got dress coded, and the nurse didn’t have anything for me to change into,”...

Clear backpacks are very flimsy, and they are either very small or very big. My backpack barely fits in the locker, and I have to force it into it.

Clear backpacks shouldn’t be enforced

Giuliana Miller, Reporter February 7, 2023

In an email sent in Jul. 2021, the district announced that all students in grades 6-12 would be required to use a clear backpack. This policy was started in the beginning of the 2021 school year, it was...

Music madness! Seventh graders Leah Bolvin, Haleigh Martyak and Ava Miller are just some of the students that wear band shirts frequently. Bands like System of a Down, Nirvana and AC/DC are just some of the bands that many people wear.

People don’t have to know the bands they’re wearing

Emmalee Martyak, Reporter February 7, 2023

Recently, I was shopping at Hot Topic, looking at a David Bowie shirt that had the cover of his album, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” on the front. A man I don’t...

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