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“One Thing At a Time” – Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallens album was named the number one album for 2023 in Billboards year-end album chart!
Lydia Schimansky
Morgan Wallen’s album was named the number one album for 2023 in Billboard’s year-end album chart!

On March 3, 2023 Morgan Wallen released an album. The album was called, “One Thing at a Time.”  This album contains 36 great tracks! A few are:


  1. “Last Night”
  2. “Everything I Love”
  3. “Devil Don’t Know”
  4.  “One Thing At A Time”
  5. “‘98 Braves”
  6. “I Wrote The Book”
  7. “Tennessee Numbers”
  8. “Hope That’s True”
  9. “Sunrise”


In my opinion, this is Morgan Wallen’s best album he has released so far. The album has a great mix of up-beat happy songs, down to slow speed and sad songs. Wallen wrote about his hard times, his past, his love life and more. I really like how many songs this album included because there is at least one song I feel everyone can relate to in life. 


My personal favorite song is, “Thought You Should know,” because this song reminds me of my family. I just think the overall message of this song is really heart warming and kind. This song reminded me of me and my mom mostly.

Mainly because of the lines,

“I thought you should know that all those prayers you thought you wasted on me must’ve finally made their way on through…Yeah, I know you’ve been worrying ’bout me, you’ve been losing sleep since ’93.”

That part of the song really means something to me because it feels like the connection I have with my mom. According to taste of, Wallen wrote this song to his mother thanking her for everything she has done for him.

I think Wallen’s goal for this album was to make his fans proud. Coming from me, where I would definitely call myself a Morgan Wallen fan, I would say he really achieved this goal. Not only were fans proud, they were inspired. Inspired by the messages his songs give from him expressing how his life was not always as easy as it might seem.

I think Wallen’s music relates a lot to Luke Combs, Hardy and Luke Bryan. They have a lot of the same music types. Wallen and Hardy have a few popular hit songs together. So if you like Morgan Wallen I would suggest checking them out as well!

Some of his songs do have some adult content in it, so I suggest if you are under the age of 13 you should either not listen to this album, or consult a trusted adult.

I give this a 5/5 star rating because this album was overall outstanding!

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Lydia Schimansky, Reporter
Hey! My name is Lydia Schimansky I am a reporter here for Livewire. I am also apart of the girls volleyball team here. Outside of school, you can catch me sleeping, watching Netflix or playing with my dog.

Comments (2)

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  • M

    Mr. BaranikFeb 29, 2024 at 8:04 pm

    Great article! Morgan Wallen is definitely someone I could listen to for a long time without ever skipping a song.

  • M

    McKenna KoeckFeb 6, 2024 at 8:23 am

    I don’t listen to Morgan Wallen, but I like a few of his songs. I can’t believe he released an album with 36 songs! That seems like a lot. Most albums I’ve seen usually only have 10-15 songs on them. But, his songs definitely have good meaning to them. I love it when songs have important meanings and talk about real, important events and emotions. I just love the expressive part of music, it’s amazing. It’s also really cool how people can relate to songs, and understand their own thoughts and feelings just by listening to a song. It’s awesoem to know that people could listen to a song and think, “Hey, those lyrics describe exactly how I feel”. I feel like sometimes when I can’t describe how I feel with words, music does it for me. Music is so much more than words and sounds, it’s emotions and expressions and thoughts.