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  • September 29Lunch- Pasta w/Meat Sauce, Green Beans, Italian Salad, Choice or Fruit, Choice of Milk
  • September 29The Sidewalk Sale will be held in the cafeteria Tuesday, Oct. 11 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. during parent teacher conferences.
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  • September 28Lunch- Pizza Burgers Opend Faced, Steamed Corn, Choice of Fruit, Choice of Milk
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  • September 27Lunch- Hot Ham and Cheese Pretzel Sandwich, Baked Beans, Steamed Carrots, Choice of Fruit, Choice of Milk
  • September 23Lunch - Pacifico Specialty Pizza, Steamed Carrots, Italian Salad, Choice of Fruit, Choice of Milk
  • September 22Lunch- Tater Tot Casserole w/Roll, Steamed Broccoli, Choice of Fruit, Choice of Milk
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Retiring Staff Reflect, Share Plans for Future

Melissa Krainer, Reporter May 26, 2022

As the 2021-2022 school year is coming to a close, SEA Diane Stahl, security greeter Cheryl Peters, guidance counselor Damon Luciano and sixth grade attendance secretary Judy Negri announce their retirement...

Watch out! Martin steals the show with her amazing moves!

Payton Martin shines light on figure skating

Madison Aboud, Reporter April 13, 2022

Sports are a part of many students' lives. From football and basketball, to softball and track, many students participate in sports. But, some sports get swept under the rug. One in particular is figure...

Zae is not only a teammate, but an inspiration as a friend. “Zae gives hope to all of us, and inspires us to not give up, said eighth grader Cogan.

Multi-Sport Athlete Zae Moore

Taniyah Hicks, Reporter April 12, 2022

Confidence, determination, readiness… These are all traits eighth grader Zae Moore acquires as a multi-sport athlete. This very athletic girl has an amazing future ahead. These are traits worth witnessing.  Moore...

Then and Now: Fasolo’s career in softball led her to the English teaching position she has now at the Altoona Area High School. Left: Fasolo pitching during an AAHS away game (Photo courtesy of Alyssa Fasolo); Right: Fasolo posing at her desk in her classroom (Photographer: Melissa Krainer).

Softball Coaches Reveal Past and Talk About Present

Melissa Krainer, Reporter April 11, 2022

She started playing when she was five. He’s been teaching for 20 years. Now she’s the head softball coach and he’s the assistant. Their names? Alyssa Fasolo and Scott Berardinelli. Fasolo’s...

Heres an example of some of the options at Trader Joes.

Trader Joe’s

Grace Stadtmiller, Reporter December 14, 2021

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery store that many people enjoy visiting because they specialize in making and supplying the healthiest food that they can offer to their customers. The closest location...

The team was exited about the competition at Bellwood-Antis High School. The team had nine students and Justina McCaulley as the advisor.

Behind the Scenes of the 2021 Fall Reading Competition Team

Miley Naugle, Reporter December 13, 2021

Not many people know about this competition team in our school. This team instead of involving blood, sweat, and tears, use their mental capability. The team read 30 books. In November they went to Bellwood-Antis...

McCaulley is very exited for the book fair this year. She is hoping to see many students searching through the library for new books.

2021 Book Fair

Taniyah Hicks, Reporter December 7, 2021

                The book fair is a very exciting opportunity. The book fair will be held in the library Dec. 1-7. There's a collection of books by genres, authors  and popular books. ”It...

Stranded in Snow, was created by Robert Hartz.

Lego Club Inspires Creative People

Sofia Hallinan, Reporter December 2, 2021

Lego Club meets the first Wednesday of the month; the club runs from 2:45p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Lego club is a club where you get to show your creativity, and the way you want to build different architects....

Eighth graders Caleb Terza, Gracelynn Beldin, Mileena Setzer, Madison Aboud and Chloe Kessling get into uniform and prepare for a football game.

Closing the curtain.

Madison Aboud, Reporter December 2, 2021

It's a hot June morning as you walk into the junior high for marching band. You hear the saxophones playing "Careless Whisper," and in that moment you know that you are home. As you start to get your instrument...

Gobble, gobble! Turkey became a Thanksgiving staple in the 1800s, according to the article, “Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?” by John M. Cunningham at There are three reasons why: turkey was plentiful, one bird was usually enough to feed an entire family and turkeys were almost always readily available for slaughter on a family farm.

What most people don’t know about Thanksgiving

Melissa Krainer, Reporter December 1, 2021
The first Thanksgiving featured deer, seafood and pumpkin but no mashed potatoes or a roasted bird. According to the article “Thanksgiving History Facts and Trivia” by Dave Roos, “Potatoes had only been recently shipped back to Europe from South America.”
Bon Appétit! Maddie Auker and Courtney Irwin prepare their food for the competition. The students experienced tons of pressure as the judges began arriving for the competition.

Mrs. Juart’s food truck competition

Charlie Kephart, Reporter May 25, 2021

Brandy Juart’s Foods for Healthy Living class ranks as a favorite among students, and her food truck competition has made it more popular! Students had to design and build a food truck, make a slogan...

Modern day dating. Couples are always on their phones and never looking at each other. They could even be texting each other from across the table.

Dating’s transformation

Charlie Kephart, Reporter May 11, 2021

Milkshakes. Diners. Roller Skating. These are the words that come to mind whenever I think of dating back in the day. Whenever I think of dating today, I think of Snapchat, not talking to each other in...

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