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Valentine’s Day Stanleys take the spotlight!

Ella Heverly
Rosey, stainless steel! Delicate and bright colored Stanleys stand out as the love holiday approaches. They were sold at Target until they were sold out just a few hours after their arrival.

Pink and red are the very popular colors when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The newly popular water bottle company Stanley thinks so too. What is better than getting a bubble gum, pink  tumbler on Feb. 14 for $45?  


The world has officially gone crazy for Stanley’s. 


Stanley made new colors of the water bottle just for the recently passed holiday, and it has severely paid off with tons of people buying the product.


Teens, tweens and young adults are known for having the overpriced cup and a mob of them stampeded into Target on Dec. 31 to get the new ones for Valentine’s Day. Some even camped outside of the store overnight! 


“The store said only one purchase was allowed to be made per household and even checked IDs to make sure no one was double-dipping,” said online news source


Some people need to calm down and not try to tackle others over a water bottle and the Target stores had to limit how many each person could get. That is ridiculous! We should be able to control ourselves, even if we want something desperately.  


Only a few minutes later, the Stanleys were nowhere to be found. The display was ransacked where the Barbie pink and cherry red toned thirst quenchers were just moments before.


Three days later, a collaboration with Starbucks was launched, and we went back to our wild animal ways and you could see people sitting outside Targets from 1 a.m. – 8 a.m., waiting for the store to open to get their hands on another Stanley Quencher. 


The sales of the company are sure to spike in an overview of how much was made in early 2024.


Why is this random Stanley cup so popular all of a sudden?   


The company Stanley has gained popularity since it went viral in the early months of 2019. 


Sales have gone from $73 million a year in 2019 to a projection of over $750 million in 2023, according to the news article on


It is said that the trend started on Tiktok according to the news article on and has spread and reached throughout the community for a few years now. I would say that is pretty amazing for an over 100 year old company.


Consumers should be more civil and aware of what they are buying. Is it really worth it to cause lots of chaos and ruckus just for a tumbler? Let’s try and have some more common sense and use our brains to make smart decisions before they come back and hit us twice as hard as before.


If you want to join this tumbler trend, they are available on sites such as ebay, and

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Ella Heverly
Ella Heverly, Reporter
Hi! My name is Ella, and I am in 8th grade. I am honored to be on the news writing team! I hope to work with you and am looking forward to writing stories for our school website, Livewire! I found writing to be fun, and I am here now! In my free time I like to read, spend time with my friends and watch movies. I am a part of the Blair Regional YMCA swim team and am looking to join track. I am so excited to help our website and write stories for you to read and enjoy!

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  • M

    McKenna KoeckFeb 28, 2024 at 7:55 am

    I would NOT buy Stanley cups for multiple reasons. One, they’re WAY too expensive, and there’s so many other water bottles out there that do the same exact thing for a way cheaper price. Second, Stanley Tumblers have lead in the paint. I wouldn’t want to risk getting lead poisoning just to have a preppy cup. I feel like one of the only reasons people are buying Stanley Tumblers is because it’s a trend and it’s part of the “preppy and basic aesthetic”. Also, I’ve seen LITTLE kids begging their parents for Stanley Tumblers just because they’re trending and they want to fit in. A 7 year old does NOT need a 50 dollar tumbler!! The Stanley Tumblers are eventually going to meet the same fate that Hydro Flasks met in 2019-2020. They’re trendy now, but within a year or less I guarantee there will be a new trending water bottle that everyone buys, and everyone will forget about Stanley Tumblers and shove them in the back of their cabinets. I bought my metal water bottle at Gabe’s for like 15 bucks, and it works just fine. If you MUST have a Stanley Tumbler, there’s also off-brand Stanley Tumblers that are way cheaper AND they don’t have lead in them. No offense to anyone who likes them, I personally don’t think that they’re any better than any other bottle.