Goodbye, Coach Solomon


Courtesy of the Yearbook Staff

Here, Solomon is coaching his girls. The team was working on sprints inside the school at the time.

A teacher, a mentor and a coach. All these words are what describe Sam Solomon. Solomon is the eighth and seventh grade girls’ track coach! He has been coaching the girl’s team since 1999 as a head coach. Sadly, he is retiring after this season.


Solomon is essential to the basics of the girl’s team. He is the one to teach the girls hand-off form and running form! He is always there for help when needed, but can also be tough on the girls. According to the girls on the team, he just always knows what to say.


“Basically, he could be hard on you as an athlete, but you know that he will always have your back,” said eighth grade runner Skylar Irwin.


Not only is Solomon an outstanding coach, but he’s also an amazing teacher! He teaches eighth grade science, and students couldn’t ask for anyone better.


He likes to have fun with his students, and there are always jokes involved with his teaching! Whether it would be funny songs to help kids remember the name of an element, or even just putting students on the spot when called on! All of these teaching techniques help the students immensely in their learning.


“Mr. Solomon has made science one of my better subjects. I’ve never felt like that before, and I couldn’t thank him enough,” said eighth grade runner Joie Irwin.


The big question is: how does Solomon feel about all of this? Although he has had such fun experiences throughout the years, he is ready to start the next chapter in his life. 


Some of the reasons that he loved what he was coaching included the bonds. He felt that track created a closer friendship with his students, and the students feel the same as well.


“The connections I have with my students are much deeper and much more meaningful because of athletics,” said Solomon.


Some students feel that there is no other teacher and coach out there like him. The eighth grade girls on the track team all in a way feel sorry for the upcoming seventh and eighth grade runners in the years to come.


“I hope that the next coach has a lot of patience because they’re gonna need it!” said Solomon.


 They won’t truly understand what it feels like to have such a wise, funny, and charismatic person in their lives.


“He doesn’t even understand how much he means to us,” said S. Irwin.


Solomon will go down in history as the best girl’s track coach ever! 


He is a life changer whether he thinks it or not, but the team does, our team, our family. 


Thanks, coach Sol.