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Famous Teacher Hiding in Plain Sight!

Photo courtesy of Paul Neatrour
Eighth grade science teacher Paul Neatrour is seen here back in his successful university days of playing baseball. He is still very proud of his accomplishment to this day. Neatrour said,“I was voted into the Hall of Fame because of my four years of successful baseball playing at Mansfield University.”

Eight grade science teacher Paul Neatrour was nominated to be in the Hall of Fame in 2014, but has sadly retired from his baseball life.


Many students do not know of him being famous in the baseball world. 


“I did not know that he was in the Hall of Fame,” eighth grade student Emma Morgan said. “I think it was because he was a good baseball player and had good hitting and pitching range.”


Neatrour could have become a famous player, but he chose to become a teacher and help kids get to where he could have been instead.


“I would have never thought that he was famous in baseball because most successful people don’t usually become teachers,” Morgan said.


From his hard working baseball career, he tries to implement the same skills, strategies, drills and life experiences into the athletes he coaches for baseball. He also tries to encourage young athletes to be like him and make a difference in the baseball community.


“If you are the hardest worker, it makes a huge difference,” said Neatrour. “ I always just thought that someone was trying to take my spot, and it made me work harder than before.”


Neatrour said to work through the ball to their target, and work with your arm too. He played baseball and still uses these experiences on his own athletes today. said, “Every player is unique, and a great coach should be able to identify each player’s strengths and weaknesses, provide individual feedback and attention and help players improve their skills.”


This implies that if their weakness is to work your arm through the pitch, then they should work on that in all of their practices.


His players could be the next ones in line for the Hall of Fame too!


According to Mansfield University Athletics, Neatrour ended his career with 666 at-bats, 234 hits, 40 doubles, 26 home runs and 164 RBIs. Neatrour was also scoring in the top ten in each category of these things he performed. 


Neatrour was second all time in his at-bats, third in his hits, seventh in his doubles, tenth in his home runs and third in RBIs. 


Paul Neatrour is a very successful baseball player, and he shows it through his teaching at our school too!

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  • M

    McKenna KoeckJan 12, 2024 at 8:23 am

    That’s really cool, I never knew that about Mr. Neatour. I wonder if his students know.

    • P

      Paityn ShawJan 22, 2024 at 9:36 am

      i know