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This weeks focus is 10 tips and tricks about cardio to keep you in shape and make your life a little more enjoyable.

November 22, 2016

Cardio is good for your heart and mind. You may think that cardio is just running and you don’t want to do it but there are so many ways to make it exciting.

      1. Walk

       You might think that walking is for lazy people, but it’s actually very good for you. Walking can help prevent heart disease or high blood pressure as well as have many other positive effects.

     2. Run with someone

     Running is the number one thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear cardio. Spice up your run by taking your friend with you or even better your dog!

     3.      Jump rope

       Set goals! See how many jumps you can get in a minute. Jumping rope isn’t just good for your heart it also makes your legs looks amazing.

    4.   Challenge your friends

       See who can run the fastest or walk the farthest. Push each other to do your best. Make things a competition. This can help you in the long run and you’ll have fun doing it.

    5. Listen to Music

       Listening to music always gets me in a good mood.  While you’re exercising, jam out. Don’t be afraid to get into it.

      6.   Don’t be afraid to get dirty

     Whether it’s dancing in the rain or rolling around in the mud you’re still working out.  Maybe during one of your cardio exercises it gets a little messy out, don’t be afraid to get dirty.

     7.   Embrace the sweat

     Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone sweats. This is something that makes you, you! No one cares if you’re dripping sweat it just proves that you tried hard.

      8.     Play games!

     Tag, race, paintball and so many more games you can play that include cardio and you don’t even know. You’ll be having fun and giving your body a work out without even knowing.

      9.   Stairs, stairs and more stairs

     Talk about a work out! Sprint up these steps as fast as you can. Practicing angles can help you conquer any steep surface. This will also help you burn so many calories and your calves will look great!

     10.   Have fun!!

   Exercise is all about staying in shape but no one said you couldn’t have fun while doing it. Don’t be afraid of liking exercise  Just make sure you’re doing things correctly so you don’t get hurt.

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    Shawna UluanoMar 9, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    Great article. LOVED the title.