DIY: Mosaic Ornament

December 22, 2016

If anyone gets a tree for Christmas, whether it’s real or fake, the best part is putting the decorations on. But using the same ornaments every year can get boring, so why not make a new one! This week’s DIY is a small ornament that anyone can put on the tree or give it to a friend, and is not very difficult to make.

What you will be doing for this ornament is gluing cut up pieces of CDs onto a blank ornament. It was not that hard for me to make, the hardest part was cutting up the CD. Placing the pieces was very easy, basically just placing them randomly on the ornament. Cutting the pieces and gluing them on took me about 40 minutes.

I found this at of the steps and materials that you will need are on the website.



-Hot glue gun

-CD or disk

-Blank ornament


-Cup(must be smaller than the ornament)


Step One: Cut the ribbon to a length so it will fit into the ornament, but fill up the whole space.

Step Two: Cut up the disk. Cut it into small pieces that are all different shapes.

Step Three: Place the ornament into the cup. This will make it easier to glue the CD pieces on.

Step Four: Glue the cut up CD pieces onto the ornament. Leave little spaces in between the pieces. It doesn’t really matter how neat the pieces look together, just place them randomly on the ornament.

Step Five: Tie a ribbon or string on your finished ornament so you can hang it wherever you wish

Step Six: Display it!

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  • L

    Lit-ia NewmanJan 5, 2017 at 10:28 am

    This is a great idea!