DIY: Himmeli Geometric Sculpture

January 6, 2017

Decorations in any room can make it feel more like your own space. I like decorating my room because to me it makes me feel more comfortable. You can buy decorations or make your own. This week’s DIY is a gold geometric sculpture that was made completely of straws! It did take a while to make, around three hours. Most of that time was spent painting it and waiting for it to dry. But the outcome is worth the three hours!

I found this idea at

The steps were somewhat confusing to me, so I also used a video that I found to help with the making of it(

 The tutorial on the website shows steps for three different sculptures that combine into one, but I only made one of the three. I made the medium sized diamond. I also changed some other things when making my own. Instead of using wire to connect the straws, I used string instead. The material and steps are listed below. You can really make this whatever size you want, and paint it whatever color you want. Make it your own!




-wire(could also use string or fishing wire)

-spray paint


-wire cutter(if wire is used)

1. Cut four straws that measure 4 inches, another four that measure 2 inches, and another four that measure 1 1/2 inches. (measurements may vary)

2. Cut two 16-inch pieces of wire and twist them together to form an X. (The size of the wire will depend on the size of the straws

3. Slide one 3-inch straw onto each arm of the X. Then slide a 1-inch piece onto an arm and cross it over to make a triangle. Twist the wire together so it stays in place. Keep threading the 1-inch straw pieces and crossing them over until you have a square pyramid with wire tails.

4. Slide the four last straws onto the ends of the wire tails, then twist together to form a point.

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