DIY: Paint Chip Calendar

January 13, 2017

Personally, I can never keep track of any of my events or when certain things are due, etc. I never remember to write them down on a calendar or write them down anywhere. This DIY is a different way to organize your events and keep track of important dates.

I found this at The steps that I did are the same, but I only had a 12” x 18” picture frame so I had to change the measurements of the paint chips. I also did not put the days of the week on their own paint chip, instead I wrote them on the frame at the top. I also put the name of the month along the side to make it look a little different. Really, it doesn’t matter what size of frame you have or the size of the paint chips. You can make it is as small or as big as you want! It took me about four hours to complete, and a lot of my friends and family really liked it!


-Picture Frame

-35 paint swatches/paint chips (variety of colors)

-scotch tape



-dry-erase marker

Step One: Open the frame and take out the paper (picture) inside. The blank side would make the perfect background for your calendar. Next, measure a piece of paint chip and cut it into 3 1/4 inches on each side square.

Step Two: Now continue cutting until you have 35 paint chip squares.

Step Three: Lay out and affix the paint swatches to the board. Arrange them by placing five paint chip squares for each day. You can try different combinations or mixtures of colors. Make sure you cut scraps into rectangles to label the days of the week at the top of your calendar. You can secure them on your background paper by rolling a piece of scotch tape at the back of each paint chips and sticking them firmly and you’re good to go!

Step Four: Once it’s secured, place it inside the frame.

Step Five: Finally, take your dry-erase marker and label your calendar. The glass of the frame acts like a dry-erase board so you can customize your calendar and change it every month!

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