Eighth grade music and ninth grade chorus

Paige Glasgow

Eighth grade music and ninth grade chorus

Eighth grader Macie Scott writes her definition of music on an activity assigned by music teacher Jon Yon. Yon teaches eighth grade music on the first floor. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Eighth grade music teacher Jon Yon defines his interpretation of what music is. Eighth grade students in this class learn to play the keyboard while ninth graders learn to play guitars. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Pay attention! Teacher Jon Yon’s eighth grade music class listens as he teaches a new lesson. Eighth and ninth grade music classes are one marking period long taught by Jon Yon or Kent Martin. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Take notes! Students from the eighth grade music class fill out a note sheet while listening to teacher Jon Yon give a lesson. Music is required for any eighth grade student not taking chorus, orchestra, or band. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Which way to music? Four music rooms are located on the first floor of the AAJHS building. Two music classrooms, a chorus room, and a band room all surround each other by the tech ed rooms. Photo by Paige Glasgow
All stacked up. A row of cellos stand against the chorus room wall. Cellos are a part of the orchestra as well as violins, violas and double basses. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Ninth grade chorus students practice a song “Clap Your Hands and Sing!” The varsity choir is made up of eighth and ninth graders in the year long chorus elective. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Sing it loud and proud! Freshman Raquel Dunio sings the alto part of “Clap Your Hands and Sing!” Dunio is currently in the AAJHS Vocal Ensemble and got accepted for the AAHS Vocal Ensemble starting next year. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Freshman sopranos learn their part of a new song for their concert. The choir is split into three sections- sopranos, altos and baritones. Photo by Paige Glasgow
Freshman altos memorize their lines from “Clap Your Hands and Sing!” Chorus is a year long elective offered to students in grades seventh through ninth at the junior high. Photo by Paige Glasgow


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