DIY: Hanging Hearts

February 2, 2017

Decorating a room can be difficult. Things might not fit properly or they might be to expensive to buy. There is a solution for this! You can make your own decorations. This may sound like a lot of work, but it can really be a simple thing to do.

This DIY only took about 30 minutes, but depending on how many hearts you make it could take longer. I made 15 hearts and put three across the top and five going down the side. It is a very simple DIY that can make any room look better. I found it at



Step One: Trace a heart on paper or poster board.

Step Two: Cut it out and trace more hearts. I made 15.

Step Three: Cut the dowel rod to the desired length.

Step Four: Cut string/ribbon to the length that you wish. I used three pieces of string/ribbon and put five hearts on each.

Step Five: Tie the pieces of string/ribbon onto the dowel rod, making sure to space them out easily.

Step Six: Tape all of your cut out hearts onto the strings/ribbons, also spacing them out.

Step Seven: Hang your DIY up and display it!

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