DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

February 10, 2017

Decorations can be expensive, and they might not even work properly with the room you are putting them in. Making your own can work a lot better! This DIY is made from toilet paper rolls, and it looks more expensive than it actually is!

This project took me 30 minutes, but it could take longer if you are going to spray paint the pieces. People seemed to really like it too! You can make whatever design you want, I made flowers for mine. I found this at


-toilet paper rolls



-spray paint


Step One: Cut out pieces from the toilet roll. You can make them as big or as small as you want. You could also measure them.

Step Two: Begin gluing the petals together. Put glue on the end of the piece of cut toilet roll and place the other one on it. You can do as many as you would like, I glued five together, making it a five petaled flower.

Step Three(optional): Spray paint the flowers whatever color you desire. The website that I found this DIY from spray painted their own black, but I did not have any spray paint so I did not paint it. Painting it would make it look a little nicer though.

Step Four: After making your desired amount of flowers(I made seven), glue them together. Place them however you wish to place them.

Step Five(optional): If you wish, you can glue extra pieces of the toilet roll onto some of your flowers. It makes it look like it has a stem or leaves coming out of it.

Step Six: Hang it up! Use a nail, possibly two, to place your finished DIY on.

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