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Valentine’s Day, which is most definitely not on my top five list of favorite holidays due to the fact in my school I can not celebrate it, has luckily passed in a blaze of pink and red-hearted parades, cards and chocolate bars, never to be seen again… until next year, of course.

Either way, I’m glad it’s over with for the year current. I may actually be able to enjoy my brief couple of unrequited, lovable months in peace; devoid of an obnoxious ‘love angel’ adorned in red and white camo, ready to strike me down with a heart arrow at a moment’s notice with its pretty pink bow.

My resentment towards this holiday is uncanny, as you can tell, and begs the question of ‘WHY WOULD YOU DECIDE TO DO PIZZA ROSES IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN V-DAY IS ALREADY DONE WITH???’ ; only in a much more informal tone with an extra exasperated emoji and broken heart at the end.

Well, I guess I will answer- though none of you asked this (of which I know with certainty)- because that question, with all its sloppy qualities, is quite a good inquiry.

This week I am reviewing DIY pizza roses, the recipe coming from the lovely website at the URL: The reasons why are plentiful, with the main one being that I happened to watch a you-tube video that personally caught my attention (as most videos of the channel Threadbanger do). The link to that video will be included below, though I shall admit it does contain some non-school appropriate language and will be best watched at home where an eagle-like teacher can’t swoop down on you when you are trying to view a bit more mature channel.

The recipe I got served me well and overall was extremely easy to make. Most of the ingredients should already be in your kitchen, and if not they are cheap to find in any nearby store or market; the only problem I had with this food blueprint was that when searching for a good recipe, I figured it would be all too easy to just make my own in a matter of seconds, which goes to show that eventually I will need to start testing recipes of my own design. Also, pre-made pizza dough is a bit hard to come by, though you can find a good recipe on a past segment of my blog if you look a little.  Anyways, give this a try any time and don’t limit yourself to having it be an ‘only Valentine’s Day’ recipe; it is good for parties and get-togethers as well and has a pleasant, professional look similar to what a master chef can create. Master as in… probably also still a basic beginning chef like the rest of us with our toast and canned soups.

LINK TO PIZZA CRUST RECIPE ON C.W.F:                                       

LINK TO THIS WEEK’S RECIPE (Pizza Roses):                                      

LINK TO THREADBANGER’S YOUTUBE VIDEO  ( warning, contains some bad language):

Recipe- Pizza Roses



  • Pepperoni slices (about 8 per rose)
  • Pizza sauce
  • Pizza dough
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese



Roll out your dough and cut into strips about 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Try to get the dough as thin as possible.

Cover the strips lightly in pizza sauce.

Place pepperoni at one end, so that the pepperoni aligns with the edge of the dough strip and overlaps the top. Place the second pepperoni piece so that it overlaps with the first piece, and is placed sightly higher than the bottom line of the dough. Continue layering pepperoni so that each one overlaps a bit less than the previous piece.

Sprinkle the bottom half with mozzarella cheese.

Beginning from the end with the most pepperoni, roll the dough into a coil, and place in a muffin tin, with the pepperoni facing up.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes, or until pepperoni edges are crispy and the dough is fully cooked through.

Remove from the oven and let cool.

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