DIY: Song Lyric Wall Art

March 29, 2017

Songs can mean so much to people and be really important to them. They can represent a sad time, a happy time or a difficult time in someone’s life. A lot of people like to remember those songs. A way to remember them is to make something out the lyrics!

This week’s DIY is song lyric wall art. It is a creative way to display your favorite lyrics. It takes some time but is very simple. It took me around six minutes to paint the first coat and five minutes to do the second coat. The other paint took about four minutes. My friends really liked it and said that they want to try it! I found it at


-canvas(not blank)

-white paint

-sticky letters

-colorful paint(optional)


Step One: Choose song lyrics and spell out the lyrics using the letters. Stick the letters onto the canvas.

Step Two: Paint the canvas white. You may have to do more than one coat of paint.

Step Three(optional): You may want to take your work outside for this step. Using a paintbrush and any color of your choice, dip it into the paint and flick it at the canvas. Do this multiple times so more paint gets on the canvas.

Step Four: Peel the letters off of the canvas.

Step Five: Display it!


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