Ninth grade track meet April 4, 2017

Paige Glasgow

Ninth grade track meet April 4, 2017

Raise it up! Freshman Rachel Palmerine raises the hurdle by three holes for the boys’ races. Hurdles for the girls are lower than the boys during their races. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Prepare for landing! Ninth grader Roman Rojas jumps into the sand pit during the long jump. The long jump is separated into three parts- the approach, take off, and landing. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
On the run! Freshman Gianna Marasco runs ahead of a Hollidaysburg opponent in the one mile race. Marasco competed as a varsity runner during cross country this past year. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Freshman Kylie Wisor paces herself at the beginning of the one mile race. Wisor also is a cross country runner for Altoona during the summer and fall. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
1, 2, 3, jump! Ninth grader Ryan Beck gets ready to land in the sandpit during the triple jump event. The triple jump is also referred to as the hop, skip and jump. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Throw it! Ninth grader Ashlynn Irwin throws in the shot put event. The shot put ball is made of many materials such as iron, brass and stainless steel. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Ninth grader Raquez Cunningham-Hayes slides into the sandpit at the end of his long jump run. During the long jump event, the jump must be completed within one minute from the time a runner steps onto the runway. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Freshman Ethan Rupp runs ahead of two Hollidaysburg runners. Rupp is a distance runner that competes in the one and two mile races. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
Flying! Freshman runner Maggie Fox soars over hurdles in the one hundred meter race. Fox competed in indoor track as a hurdler during the winter season. Photo by Paige Glasgow.
And they’re off! Ninth graders Kayla Moyer and Aunyah Kennedy begin their race with the sound of a gun. Moyer and Kennedy compete in sprints during the track and field season. Photo by Paige Glasgow.


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