DIY: Flower Wreath

April 13, 2017

Spring is finally here! In the spring, the flowers come out. Why not make a flower wreath to hang in the house to bring the flowers inside? This is a really nice decoration to welcome the warm weather!

This DIY is a little time consuming, but the end result is worth it! It took me an hour to make it. I got the inspiration for this wreath from Their wreath is much different from mine, but when I saw it I got inspiration for a flower wreath. The rest of my family also seemed to really like it!


-card stock or poster board(I used poster board)

-hot glue





Step One: Cut out a round piece of cardboard. This will be used to glue to the “petals” on to something to make a circle.

Step Two: Cut multiple pieces of paper out of the poster board or card stock. There will be 4×4 pieces and 3×3 pieces.

Step Three: Next fold the paper. Hold the paper so it is like a diamond. Take a corner and fold it towards the middle. The bottom corner should come to a sharp point. Take the opposite corner and fold it towards the middle as well. Glue it to the first corner that you folded. Repeat this step for every paper that you have.

Step Four: Glue the first set of colored paper to the cardboard until it goes the whole way around.

Step Five: Glue the next set of colored paper onto the cardboard. Build it up on top of the previous colored paper. Repeat this for every color.

Step Six: You’re done! Display your new wreath wherever you like!

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