Paige Glasgow

Eighth and ninth grade spring chorus concert

Clap your hands! Eighth and ninth grade soprano members clap and sing while performing in the spring concert. The choir is divided into three sections based on how high someone’s voice is- soprano, alto, and baritone. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Hug it out! Ninth grader Emily Bucher hugs teacher Jessica Connell at the concert on April 28, 2017. This concert was the last concert with Connell as ninth graders. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

“I hold the key!” Freshman student Raquel Dunio sings her solo in the final performance of the night, Let There Be Peace. The choir dances to the music in Let There Be Peace. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Let me hear you sing! Eighth and ninth graders from the vocal ensemble perform the song “Sing” by Pentatonix. Pentatonix is a five member acapella group from Texas. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Conduct! Chorus teacher Jessica Connell conducts the choir as they perform “Hallelujah.” Choir is available to students in all grades. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Take a bow! Freshman Tashay Seward curtsies to the audience after her solo. Seward had a rap solo that she performed alongside the vocal ensemble. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Proud moment! Freshman student Makayla Ruggery takes a bow after performing her duet with Marinah Fochler. Ruggery and Fochler had a duet during the song “We Are The Young.” Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Eighth grader Seth Brunnhuber plays the drums while the choir sings “Let There Be Peace.” Two soloists performed during the song, ninth graders Raquel Dunio and Tareese Guthrie. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Play it loud! Pam Miser plays the music on a grand piano throughout the concert for the choir to sing along with. A piano consists of eighty eight total keys. Photo by Paige Glasgow.

Welcome! Choir teacher Jessica Connell welcomes everyone to the chorus concert after the first song. Chorus class is located in the ensemble room on the first floor. Photo by Paige Glasgow.


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