DIY: Potato Printing

May 19, 2017

Potatoes. They are usually used for eating, but today they are used for art purposes. Potato peeling is taking a slice of potato, cutting a design in it and using it as a stamp. This is something that I never heard of until I saw this online. The potatoes make the stamps look very unique!

This DIY was kind of difficult because of having to cut a design into the slice of potato. The potato cutting and painting the painting took around fifteen minutes to complete. I really like the final product and so did the rest of my family!







Step One: Cut a slice from the potato. This will be used for the stamping.

Step Two: Cut a design into the slice of potato. I made an “X” after attempting to make a cool design. I would suggest making a cooler design if you have the skills to do that.

Step Three: When using the potato stamp you can either use it in a picture like I did, or makes a picture using only the stamp. If you are going to use it in a picture then the next step would be to paint or draw the picture you want.

Step Four: After finishing your drawing or painting, pore a pile of paint onto a paper plate, or anything that you don’t mind getting paint on. Stick one end of the potato into the paint and then stamp it onto the picture. Using a potato as a stamper will make the paint have a different look to it!


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