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We asked teachers and students of our school what their new years resolutions were, and here were their responses...

January 17, 2018

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Here’s what they said…. 

Seventh graders

“I want to get better at playing the flute and meet Ed Sheeran,” seventh grader Elisha Selfridge said.
“I want to go to my aunts, play football and basketball and stop taking crap from people,” seventh grader Gavin Feathers said.
“I want to make more friends and play more sports,” seventh grader Carter Bruner said.


“I want to work on not stirring the pot as much this year,” eighth grade English teacher Bron Clouser said,
“I want to assist Mr. Clouser in not stirring the pot,” Sandy Catherman eighth grade Algebra teacher said.
“I want to work on being more endevoring and be more understanding of others,” eighth grade reading teacher John Wharton said.
“I want to work on getting more sleep so I can meet the challenges of the students this year,” eighth grade American Cultures teacher Richard Smith said.

Ninth graders

“I want to become better at baton and be better than my haters,” ninth grader Rebecca Smith said.
“I just want to flex on my haters,” ninth grader Lee Walker said.
“I want to make more friends because I don’t have any,” ninth grader Anthony Pacifico said.


Will you be making a New Year's resolution this year?

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