Kids’ meal mayhem

Five Guys

March 23, 2018


Five Guys. Started in 1986, is a fast-food chain, famous for their burgers and fries.

In this blog, I will review and discuss kid’s meals. I will review and discuss what is in the kid’s meal, the quality and quantity of the food and how kid’s meal have changed since I was a child.

Five Guys:

Little Cheeseburger
Five Guys’ burgers are truly one of my top three favorite burger places. The burgers, and especially the little cheeseburger I received, are thick, juicy, and oozing with flavor (and grease). These burgers have a flawless texture and are cooked perfectly–I think I’m in love.

Sydney Wilfong
Burgers and fries!
At Five Guys, you can order your choice of burger with a side of fries.
Five Guys’ Little Cheeseburger.

Surprisingly enough, I can’t tell if I like Five Guys’ fries or not. They’re delicious with a crisp and crunchy taste that is so addictive–before you know it–all the fries are gone. However, these fries do have a somewhat pungent aftertaste. Maybe it’s the grease that gives it this not-so-pleasant flavor, but either way, the aftertaste is enough for me to question my liking of the fries after they’ve been devoured.

Sydney Wilfong
Order mouthwatering fries at Five Guys for only $5.79 (large).
Five Guys’ Style fries.

Although Five Guys’ doesn’t technically have a “kids’ meal” I still decided to review them because the little cheeseburger is practically a kids’ cheeseburger. This meal came in a regular brown bag (covered in grease, as evident in the photo). The cheeseburger came in tin foil, which kept the cheeseburger warm even after not getting home for 30 minutes.

Sydney Wilfong
At Five Guys, the food comes in a plain brown paper bag.

Final verdict
For some, eating greasy food is a pro while some view it as a con, so to enjoy Five Guys truly depends on your opinion on grease. Although at times the grease covered cheeseburger and fries seemed too much for me, it didn’t stop me from eating this meal in less than a five minutes.

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  • J

    Joleyna MartinoMar 27, 2018 at 10:45 am

    I’ve never had 5 guys but for the amount of fries you got in that cup it does not seem like almost six dollars worth. They do look yummy though.