AAJHS varsity band 2017-2018

Fun in the Band Room

May 29, 2018


Hailey Frontino

AAJHS varsity band! From 2017-2018, the AAJHS marching and concert band has been kicking butt and taking names.

Hailey Frontino
Brennen Dugan shows off his great smile while having fun in the band room.
Michael Pastore
Best band friends forever!
Emily Neil, Emily Latten, Theresa Bowman, Carlona Brevard, Lisa Yarnell and Sydney Wilfong pose for their last band concert.
Hailey Frontino
Let’s go lions!
Hailey Frontino and Matt Kennedy take a picture right before their marching band performance.
In late January, certain members of the junior high varsity concert band got to participate in county band.
Michael Pastore
Knock it off!
Tyler Latten puts his hand in front of the camera as the girls are trying to get their picture taken!
Shane Brown
Hey, you!
In the band room, Aiden Phillips brings out his wild side as he prepares for jazz band practice.
Dominic McMasters
Let’s have fun!
Dominic McMasters and Justin Fleck take a selfie as they stick their colorful tongues out.
Emily Neil
Love birds!
Sydney Wilfong and Lisa Yarnell laugh as they prepare for half time at the Roosevelt field.
Lukas Caracciolo
Let’s play!
Brennen Dugan smirks at the camera while getting out his music.
Lukas Caracciolo
I’m ready!
Aiden Phillips chats with his friends before practicing songs for county band with his baritone saxophone.
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