Students could do better during class, assemblies

December 6, 2019


Many students in this school do not know how to properly behave during class or other school activities. Students talk during class and assemblies when teachers and presenters are there for the students benefit. 

Students should have learned early on that they must listen to understand. It seems that they have forgotten that aspect of going to school. 

Students are expected to sit in their seats and pay attention to the teachers and adults. These wise adults are there to solely help students continue in life with the knowledge to build a good life for themselves. If students would sit and listen to their teachers, they might be able to gain knowledge that could guide them to what they want to do.

Assemblies are organized for the students to learn awareness about something or they are there to entertain students. But students can be especially distracted during these large group activities.

For example, students were disrespecting the presenter during the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs assembly. They were doing this by trying to debunk everything she was saying. Also people kept asking the same questions over and over again making her give the same answer over and over again.

During the assembly I, and many other people, didn’t know what the presenter was talking about for the sole reason of people talking and distracting.  Students talk during assemblies because they are uninterested, but they don’t let other people listen who are. How about just sitting there quietly and letting others listen?

One way that we could change this behavior in school is for students to better combat it. During assemblies, students could quietly tell the students around them they need to be quieter. This could be a good form of peer pressure, pressuring the students to be quiet. The students could also try and take an interest in the assemblies. If the students truly can’t they can just not listen but stay quiet.

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