Kendy Lechner

Photo time! Scaramozzino has a burning passion for science.

Nicole Scaramozzino

A new hire who is originally from Altoona is a seventh grade science teacher Nicole Scaramozzino.

Having three nieces who inspired her to teach and get through college at Penn State, Scaramozzino taught elementary before teaching here. Her reason for coming here, loving to work with older kids and getting to teach more science.


“I really liked working with older kids in the elementary atmosphere, and I figured it was a good change of opportunity,” Scaramozzino said.

Recently, Scaramozzino’s class has been doing more labs that involve food. For example, they just used Smarties to go through the scientific method! These kinds of labs are one of her favorite parts about teaching.

 “I love the student interaction, and I do love doing this year’s labs with them. It’s really fun,” Scaramozzino said.


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