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Goodbye! Plummer will be saying her final farewell to the school.

Lisa Plummer

As this school year comes to an end, so does eighth grade math teacher Lisa Plummer’s teaching career. Plummer has been teaching for 34.5 years! She has taught grades 7-12. Also, she has taught at Roosevelt Junior High School, Keith Junior High School and at the high school. 

Plummer said her favorite part of teaching was seeing a student who struggles in math develop their confidence over the year.

Her favorite memory from teaching overall was the girl trips with other teachers she was able to take over the years, and she hopes the trips continue even after she has retired.

Some of the things she didn’t expect when she started teaching was the amount of paperwork and how students’ lives would change at home.

“The school now is expected to do a lot more things to help the kiddos throughout the day that we didn’t use to assist with,” said Plummer.

The advice she would give to incoming teachers would be to have good discipline. Also, when it comes to students, try to understand each individual student and to be prepared.

“I don’t think I would change anything. I have everything pretty well figured out. I like my day. My kids do well, and we don’t have any speed bumps. My kids have done a really good job this year with attendance, being polite, completing their work and being successful,” said Plummer.

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