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Here is Wendle in her area of teaching. She is soon going to be a retired woman!

Patti Wendle

Eighth grade science teacher Pattie Wendle has been teaching for 30 years! She has had a great deal of experiences with students throughout her teaching years.


Wendle has been teaching ninth-grade science for most of her career, but after the transition of ninth grade moving to the high-school, she has been teaching eighth grade.


“I went strictly with ninth grade. Now, I’m in a new building, but I taught ninth grade for a long time,” said Wendle.


Wendle is retiring, but isn’t completely done working. She will be picking up different jobs, so she can keep the work ethic in her life, as well as earn some more money.


“I know I’m old, but not ancient, but I’ll probably work in a pharmacy or something like that,” said Wendle.


Wendle has been known for her style of teaching and sense of humor while teaching! She has had students for so long that she has made a reputation for herself! She is known as the science teacher that anyone can have fun and joke around with, but also get more serious when it’s time to work. 


After her teaching days are done, she wants to start new chapters in her life, and she is ready for them. She plans to go outside more and to spend time with her husband. She has plans to buy a travel trailer and go across the country to different camps!


Although Wendle is ready for her new life to begin, she is still sad to see that some of the things that she loves aren’t going to not be around her as much as they were. She won’t see her amazing students everyday or her fellow staff members. She’s had friendships with other teachers in the school for so many years and is sad at the thought of not being around them as much as she is now.


“But I mean there are people that I’ve worked with for 30 years that I’m gonna miss seeing everyday,” said Wendle.


One of Altoona’s best teachers is leaving, and we will never forget all the fun we had with her!


Altoona wishes Wendle all the luck she needs for her next exciting chapter in life!

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