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in courtesy of taken by ATKR

Black Ops 2 is very well made and surprisingly well put together.

If anyone does not know about the Call of Duty series, then he/she should know that this game is a first person shooter game. It has come from a long line of first person shooters.  The game incorporated the past and future.  Players go from two main characters, Woods and David Mason.  The year is 2025 and there is a man that most thought was dead; David tries to find the man by going into his father’s past to try to find out what happened and where they could find him.  Black Ops 2 has a perfect mixture of the time periods.  It was a very good mix on the future and past.

Black Ops 2 put a twist on guns that we all know and love, like for example the FN Fal changed to more futuristic weapons that have the same damage and accuracy, but look even cooler.  The game creators did the weapons really well, by making the weapons in the campaign and multiplayer a new 10 part system.  Players can interchange items for whatever they like, but but have a limit of only 10 items (including attachments) total.  This made you feel in control and more comfortable playing online and single player.

Something that the creators definitely had to do well was zombies.  After  Black Ops the fans have demanded more, and Treyarch definitely came with a bang.  They have a whole awesome campaign for zombies.  They added a mode called tranzit.  Tranzit is a mode that takes players to the individual maps on the bus and each map has different items that they can craft together to make different weapons and power sources.  Players have the individual maps also that are a lot of fun!

Hey guys I never got any emails for my first raffle!  So I decided to make a new one.  I am raffling off 2 collectable Japanese Pokemon fossil cards.  There is a Japanese shellder and a Japanese zubat.  If you want to enter please email me at [email protected], thanks!  If you can beat my personal solo best on the map town and have visual proof, you will earn yourself a random Japanese common or uncommon pokemon card from any set.  I have made it to round 23, try to beat it!

Photo courtesy of taken by ATKR