Athlete of the week

Athlete of the week

The students of the junior high participate in high school and junior high sports. This weeks athlete of the week is Brittney Chestney. She is a multi-athlete and plays volleyball in the fall.   She is known as back row defensive specialist also known as a libero. Brittney is the one who always gets asked “Why are you wearing a different colored jersey than the rest of your team?” I asked Brittney several questions about her season.

 Q:  What Grade are you in?  Do you play for junior high or high school?

A:  “ I am one of the ninth graders who play on a high school team but I’m still in the junior high,” Brittney Chestney said.

 Q:  When did you begin to play volleyball?

 A:  “I started playing in the fourth grade when we could hardly get the ball over the net. I miss those days!” Chestney said.

 Q:  Other than volleyball, do you play any other school sports in the fall, winter, spring or summer? Are they counted as high school sports or junior high sports?

A:  “I run sprints in track. Since I’m in ninth grade it’s considered a high school sport this year,” Chestney said.

 Q:  Out of the whole season, what was  your biggest accomplishment?

A:   “At the beginning of the season coaches told us what passing average they would like us to accomplish. The average was a 2.0, and I got that passing average,” Chestney said.

Q:  Why are you always asked, “Why do you have a different colored jersey?”

A:  “I’m a special player according to the rule book in volleyball. I have to wear different colored jersey for the referees and trading in and out with other players that play my position. Instead of waiting for the referees to write down my number, I can just walk off the court. It’s really complicated. ” Chestney said.

Stay tuned next week for another featured athlete.