Fitness testing needs changes

Credits to Common Creative Images

Credits to Common Creative Images

Every year students all over the country must take and pass a fitness test. Students will be tested on how fast they can run a mile, the shuttle run, sit and reach, how many pull ups they can do, how many baskets they can make in 30 seconds, and many other types of tested activities. Gym class is meant to keep kids fit, but 45 minutes of tiny exercises isn’t helping and fitness tests do nothing but make kids feel insecure.

When taking these tests the students will perform their task in front of their class. For some, they have no problem going up. Others get nervous and dread going up. It usually comes easy for those who are already in a sport, they have tons of practice. It is an advantage to the kids who do not play a sport. If you are going to make a child take a test, all students should be provided the same amount of training. If that is not possible for the training with the little amount of time given for class, then the students should be split into levels.The Altoona Area School District has their school divided into levels in academics, the same should be done in athletics. Students will then feel more comfortable in their environment and not intimidated as much.

What exactly do these fitness tests prove? All it shows is that one person can do little or more than the next kid. We are taught to not judge others on their physical abilities and appearances. Gym class and fitness testing is based on the opposite of that rule being taught.
Students that play a sport and have practice, training, and games weekly should not be in a gym class with students who do not play sports. The students who do not feel intimidated by those who do.These groups clearly have different areas of physical abilities that need to be worked on and should be provided different skills. It causes embarrassment for those who can’t keep up and promotes bullying and high egos for those who can.

Gym class and fitness tests need to be equal. As an adult, would you really want to keep this on going? I know the students for sure don’t.