For your Pintertainment

 The Pinterest Pin of the day is a little gift for the holidays! This is an extremely easy project if you ever get behind on Christmas shopping. You only need to schedule a trip to the store and about three to five minutes to complete the project.

 Supplies needed:

-a plastic Christmas tree ornament with topper (one that you can take apart and put things inside)

-hot cocoa mix (type of chocolate does not matter)

-marshmallows (the smallest marshmallows that can be found is suggested)


The first step in this easy project is to wash out the store-bought ornament.  Then dry the inside so that this project will not be compromised. Then, with the topper off the plastic ornament, open the hot chocolate mix package and dump the contents in the bulb. You can use as many packages of the mix as needed or as wanted.

 Next, take the sprinkles and add as many as wanted.These aren’t needed,but they give a really nice touch to the final project, and who doesn’t love sprinkles?  Use any type of sprinkles! They have some really cool ones that are shaped as snowflakes, Christmas trees or even stars. So get creative with it!

 After adding the sprinkles, put as many marshmallows in as can fit without having them flying out of the ornament. The more the merrier, right? As crazy as it sounds, they do have some funky marshmallows too! The have different colors from the boring old white ones and even different shapes!

Finally, put the topper on the ornament and the result is a cute Christmas present for any hot chocolate lover! This is totally simple and easy for the crazy month of December. This project should only take minutes, aside from the shopping portion. Have fun with it and give it away for Secret Santa or save for a later time and use it for a gift! The possibilities are endless!