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credit to: download.jpg

Today >Smashing pumpkins

Bringing in a old hit “Today” by Smashing pumpkins.  This song is a song that if you ask your parents about they will start to sing it.  It’s a very popular song.  When listening to this song, it talks about can’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow is much too long.  It’s telling the listeners to live for the now not planning your tomorrow out.  That’s a good motto for now a days.  Everyone is always stressed about what will happen the next day, but no one ever thinks about the now.

Today is the greatest

Day I’ve ever known

Can’t live for tomorrow,

Tomorrow’s much too long

I’ll burn my eyes out

Before I get out

People now a days never sit down for two minutes to see what today will bring them.  That’s what this song is trying to get across.  It’s saying that today will always be greater than tomorrow.  Smashing pumpkins wants all of their listeners to know that going with the flow and just living for today is all you need.

I wanted more

Than life could ever grant me

Bored by the chore

Of saving face


Today is the greatest

Day I’ve never known

Can’t wait for tomorrow

I might not have that long

I’ll tear my heart out

Before I get out


Have you ever listened to a song and you lose your self in it.  This is one of those kinds of songs.  When listening to this song, it makes the listener happy.  This song will always be on the top list of hits.  It may be an old song but it’s still very fun to listen to, and it just puts a smile on everyone’s faces.  If someone is feeling down, he or she can just go on Youtube and type in the name of this song. “Today” will help bring joy to anyone.  Plus,  how fun would it be to just rock out in your room to this song.  Air guitars and jumping like a rock star is all anyone needs to get into the rhythm of this song.