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Reindeer buns

This year the day before Christmas break, Dec. 23, the school is having a dress-up-like Christmas day. Many people will go the route of dressing up like a Christmas tree, or an angel or a star, ect. Getting a costume together can be time-consuming in this crazy month so why not go an easier route this year?

 This week’s Pinterest pin is a totally easy and Christmas friendly bun. This fun activity is composed of:

 -brown pipe cleaners (for the antlers)

-a red cotton ball (for the reindeer nose)

-a piece of white paper and black marker OR a pair of googly eyes (for the eyes)

-bobby pins

-hot glue gun

-the ability to put your hair in a tight bun

 I suggest plugging in the glue gun first. Then, put hair into a bun. A bun on the back of your head is suggested. Many people use a bun maker for an easy bun like this. Another way to make this bun is to pull hair into a ponytail, then twist hair. Pull the twisted hair around the tie of the ponytail to form a bun.

 After the ponytail is done start the reindeer parts. The easiest thing to start with is the antler brown pipe cleaners. Use two brown pipe cleaners and cut them in half. After there are four brown pipe cleaners, take two of the pipe cleaners and cut them in half again. When there are two larger pipe cleaners and four smaller ones, start with making the antlers. Twist two pipe cleaners on the top of a pipe cleaner on opposite sides.Repeat this step with the other pipe cleaner.

 Now, it’s time to use the glue gun. If  using googly eyes all you need to do is hot glue them, each to their own bobby pin. If googly eyes aren’t being used, cut two small circles in the white paper. When the small circles are cut out draw smaller black circles in them for eyes. Then, paste these on the bobby pins.To make the nose all you need to do is hot glue a red cotton ball on a bobby pin.

Last, apply the ornaments to the bun. The two antlers going exactly opposite from each other in the bun. the eye bobby pins go on either side of the middle of the bun. Now put the red nose in the direct middle of the bun! Now the finished project should leave a cute little reindeer following you around all day!

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