This weeks Do-It-Yourself project is a glitter notebook. Having this project  is an easy way to turn those boring, plain, one color notebooks into works of art. This project could also just help make an old notebook look new again.  This is a super, super easy five minute project that anyone can fit into a busy schedule!

 Supplies needed:

-Notebook of choice

-Glitter (as much as desired)

-Mod Podge

-painting brush (this is suggested instead of getting a gluey mess everywhere)

 For some, Mod Podge is an unknown substance. This is an all-in-one decoupage glue, sealer and finish. It is fast-drying and leaves a nice, smooth finish. This can be found at any craft store, costing about $3.50 per bottle.

 The first step is to figure out where the glitter will be placed on the notebook. Once the decisions have been made, take the brush and open the Mod Podge. The brush is used to cleanly transfer the paste to the notebook. Use the brush to paint with the paste where the glitter should go on the notebook.

 Pour the glitter directly onto the Mod Podge that was just placed on the notebook. This needs to be done right after the paste is applied. Apply as much or as little glitter as wanted. Let the paste dry for about about half a day, just to make sure it is fully dry, and the project is done.

The end result is a very nice, creative notebook that everyone will love, and will be surely be the talk of the school.