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This week’s product is: Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara

When buying mascara, it can be expensive. Mascara is a product that most girls use everyday. For a product that needs to be bought every month, it needs to be a reasonable price. Typically all of the Ulta brand mascaras are around $10.

This mascara comes in black/brown, jet black and soft black. The packaging is bright shiny pink. When applying, the wand seems to bend. It can be difficult when applying. The wand, at the application part, is flexible. Some may like this feature. It can be annoying, it seems to get on the eyelids more than a regular wand.

The pigment of the color is strong. It does not flake off throughout the day. Overall it lasts all day long with no problems or reapplication. It also does exactly what it says it on the bottle. It gives extreme lengths, it doesn’t even use microfibers!

In conclusion, it is a good basic mascara. It can be used everyday in a typical makeup routine. The down fall is, it can only be purchased at Ulta. It is not a drugstore product so depend on location, it could be out of a few people’s way. Here is a link to the Ulta website for additional information.