Athlete of the week

Student athlete Amber Knott

Student athlete Amber Knott

Amber Knott, who is a multi-athlete, was asked several questions about her indoor track season.

 Q: What got you interested in Indoor Track?

A: “ I enjoy running long distance, “  Amber Knott said.


Q: What events do you do in indoor track?

A: “ I run the 800, 3k, the mile and the 4×8,” Knott said.


Q: What is one thing you have accomplished this season?

A: “ I got picked to go to the invitational. Only the top two from each event get picked,” Knott said.


Q: How many days a week do you have practice and how long do you practice?

A: “ We practice 5 days a week from 3:15 to 5:30,” Knott said.


Q: How long do your meets last?

A: “ The time varies, but our most recent one was 10:00am to 7:00pm,” Knott said.


Q: What is your favorite warm-up drill?

A: “ Warm-up laps are my favorite. We run a mile before practice,” Knott said.


Q: Do you play any other sports?

A: “ I play soccer and I run cross country,” Knott said.


Q: Do you prefer regular water or flavored water?

A: “ I prefer regular water,” Knott said.


Q: What is your favorite snack to bring on the bus to away meets?

A: “ Fruits and carrots,” Knott said.