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in courtesy of lunasart taken by HAVOK

Hey guys, this week I am reviewing the game Garry’s Mod.  This is a fun creative game with many different things to do.  There are multiple modes for whatever players like.  It’s a fun game that can keep players playing all day.

Garry’s Mod has a game mode called role playing.  Players can get a job and live a life as anyone they want and do whatever they want.  Depending on what server they’re on they could be anyone from a car dealer to a robber.  It’s really fun to go on and do things that are not humanly possible.  Players can make different shops and hang out with friends.  They can talk to people and try to sell their products!

In addition, Garry’s Mod has a sandbox mode.  In this mode players can do literally anything they want.  Players can just run around with weapons and shoot random ragdolls, or they could build different contraptions.  Players are able to make crazy cars, elevators, spaceships or whatever their heart desires.  Players can even try out things other people have made.  They can go through the most popular things and try to make their own versions of them.  Or they can make their own original ideas, and post them online.

Also, on Garry’s Mod there is a game mode called Trouble in Terrorist town or TTT for short.  In this mode there are innocents, traitors and detectives terrorists.  In this mode the goal is to kill all of the traitors and to stay alive.  The largest number of people are innocent, they have to try to survive and kill the traitors, as a innocent they can’t trust anyone accept themselves. Watch your back!  There are then traitors,  the traitors have special weapons, and goal is to kill all of the innocents and detectives.  Detectives are a special kind of innocent person, they are given special weapons and equipment like the DNA scanner.  With this item players can find who killed who if there is still a DNA sample on the dead person.  This game is so fun and worth the cost.  This game is on the PC and needs counter strike textures to run.

This game is so fun.  It gets 4 out of 5 stars, because it does need another game’s textures to play.

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in courtesy of lunasart taken by HAVOK

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