Picture Perfect


Ninth grade honors biology students worked with DNA this week.

2415 015
Ninth grade students Vanessa Gil and Tara Gengrich work on making a double helix DNA strand in Biology class.  The students completed this lab after learning about it in class throughout the third marking period.  Photo by Sarah Harmon
2415 003
Mrs. Partsch’s ninth grade biology class works on creating strands of DNA using k’nex.  Students in the Honors Biology class do many labs that require teamwork and cooperation through the course of the year.  Photo by Sarah Harmon.
2415 004
Ninth graders John Gority and Lindsey Hallinan work together to create a representation of DNA on Feb. 4.  The group had to work together and concentrate in order to complete the task.  Photo by Sarah Harmon.
2415 005
Mikayla Berger and Mckenna Betar put k’nex together to form a strand of DNA.  The girls worked throughout the period to construct a full stand of DNA.  Photo by Sarah Harmon
2415 007
Mikayla Berger puts a flexible tube through the DNA to show how flexible the double helix is.  Students worked together to complete the lab accurately.  Photo by Sarah Harmon
2415 010
Mckenna Betar works with her lab partners during a biology lab on Feb. 4.  The class was discussing and learning about DNA for the past weeks.  Photo by Sarah Harmon
2415 013
Students in Mrs. Partsch’s biology class spend the period working in partners with k’nex to create DNA strands on Feb. 4.  The honors biology class does several labs in teams throughout the year.  Photo by Sarah Harmon
2415 011
Students attempt to put a flexible tube through a DNA strand during Biology class on Feb. 4.  DNA and its structure was one of the topics the students learned about during the third marking period.  Photo by Sarah Harmon