Carving the Pow!

Last Sunday I went snowboarding at Blue Knob and the conditions were pretty good. There were small patches of ice but other than that there was a good amount of snow on the trails. Every trail was open except for two. After Sunday they closed 11 trails. It’s probably because of lack of snow. But this year I have noticed that there are a lot more jumps. There are more jumps in the terrain park and on trails.

I also just got new Union Atlas bindings for my board. I got the bindings from  The bindings are really padded and good for landing after a big jump.The high back is made out of flexible aluminum and is really light. They gave a great feel to my board.

This Wednesday I went to Blue Knob and the conditions weren’t that good. The trail with the best conditions was Mombo. The snow was a little slushy due to the temperature outside. As the night progressed, all the snow froze and the conditions were even worse. The wind also picked up towards the night. I went on Stembogen and it is an expert trail. It was a challenge to get down the trail without falling. There are more moguls on Stembogen than last year and skiiers have to weave through them; this is really hard for snowboarders. It has pushed me and my friends to get better. Also, the terrain park this year has two jumps, a pipe and a bench. They got rid of the box, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they add more things to the terrain park.