Beyonce reminds listeners of her talent with most recent single

If people haven’t been living under a rock lately, they would have mostly heard of the one and only Beyonce. If they haven’t, go ask a random teenager! Beyonce is one of the most successful singer/songwriter’s of all time. People might recognize her from her previous girl group ‘Destiny’s Child.’ Everyone has been obsessing with her new song ‘7/11.’ The song is upbeat and for everyone to just start a dance party. But, what about the rest of her albums? Have the people listened to it yet? If they haven’t, this review will sure make the people tune in.

‘Pretty Hurts’ from her album Beyonce  is a mesmerizing ballad relating to women. Beyonce is portraying that women don’t need to be considered as model shaped or perfect. They are beautiful just the way are. The song represents some of Beyonce’s struggles becoming confident in herself. She is trying to empower other women to know they are amazing, and they need to be confident in themselves no matter their shape, size or looks. The song is soft at first, but it picks up with a strong beat when Beyonce gets more emotional during the chorus. This is definitely one of my favorites of hers!

Also, ‘Halo’ from her album I am… Sasha Fierce is touching for people who are having a tough time going through a stressful situation. The lyrics “I can see your Halo,” is so touching because it tells people that someone can see the good in any person. This could be a librarian in a school or a criminal in a jail cell. The song is so emotional and Beyonce lets her guard down during her live performance. People can truly see the emotion bleeding through her voice like silk. Swaying motions are always there through the performances of this hit single.

Then, ‘If I Were a Boy’ from her album I am… Sasha Fierce empowers women to live life they want to live it. Women don’t always need to get dolled up, do all the work in the house or follow the man in everything he does. They need to stand up for their rights. But, in the song it also represents what it would feel like to be a boy. She portrays get togethers with all the guy friends and just the heartbreak aspect of it all.

‘Blue’ from her album Beyonce literally put my eyes to tears the first time I heard it! The song is a beautiful ballad discussing her daughter “Blue.” This song is so powerful and left me thinking about the message for days. It was on repeat on my Ipod for weeks on end. My favorite lyrics we “When you open your eyes, I feel alive.” I really enjoyed this song because it isn’t as familiar as the rest of her hit singles. It moves people to look at her story of her daughter “Blue.”

Finally, ‘Irreplaceable’ from her album B’day is one of her first hit singles coming out of her famous girl group ‘Destiny’s Child.’ This breathtaking song come out in 2006. This song represents coming out as an individual artist to inspire her fans. This is a break up song that hopefully inspires women that they are fine on there own. This song for myself, is a oldie but goodie!

After just a few reviews of my favorite Beyonce songs, why wouldn’t students check her music out? Something that most people love about Beyonce is her diversity in her songs, from soft, upbeat, and funky. Almost anyone can find a song by Beyonce that they would enjoy. Check out her music!