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American Beauty/American Psycho Album

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American Beauty/American Psycho, also referred to as AB/AP, was released in the United States on Jan. 20, 2015. This is Fall Out Boy (FOB)s sixth studio album, following up 2013’s album, Save Rock and Roll. This new 11 song album was recorded by Patrick Stump, lead vocalist, Pete Wentz, bass guitar along with some back-up vocals, Andy Hurley, drums/percussion, and Joe Trohman, guitar and keyboard.

 Fall Out Boy is known for their vocal political views in their music. This album is no different. Each song describes a way that some things may not be all right in this world. Even the title comes from old, stand-out films and books. American Beauty is an old album from the Grateful Dead, and the “American Psycho” part comes from a book by Bret Easton Ellis. His book is entitled American Psycho and came out in 1991.

 American Album Listing

1.  “Irresistible”

The first song on this album starts off with a bang.  This song is the perfect  way to start a transition from their last album to now. This song as been viewed as a deleted song from their last album, Save Rock and Roll. It has the same kind of feel as this last album does. It is easily one of my favorites.

2. ” American Beauty/American Psycho”

This song is pure genius. One of the best songs on this album, it makes sense why this is the album title name. The music video makes it even better, depicting a ballerina fighting off a group of bad guys. A young boy feels the pain of each of the men who get hurt by the dancer. The Fall Out Boy member eventually come in to drag the bodies out. This is when another little kid comes in and repeats the cycle of finding the ballerina.

3.  “Centuries”

The first song released from this album is “Centuries.” Stump originally came up for the idea for this song during their Monumentum tour in 2014. He described the song as a story of “David and Goliath.”We wanted to write a song that empowered people who are a little weird.” This song hit No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100, and is Platinum certified by RIAA.

4.  “The Kids Aren’t Alright”

This song is another favorite of mine. The song tells as it is title. We aren’t alright.

5.  “Uma Thurman”

This song was made of ‘The Munsters’ TV show. It sits about the middle of the back for me. It is very, very catchy, but I’m sure if it’s a favorite.

6.  “Jet Pack Blues”

This song also sits in the middle of the pack.  It’s good, but not a favorite.

7.  “Novocanine”

This song is really good, in my opinion. This reminds me of the last album Save Rock and Roll.

8.  “Fourth of July”

This has a catchy refrain, but not very good other than that.

9.  “Favorite Record”

This song seems very pop. I don’t like this one very much either.

10.  “Immortals”

This was made for the movie ‘Big Hero 6.’ The movie was very good, and the song really helped make the movie a good one. I love this song a lot.

11.  “Twin Skeleton” (Hotel in NYC)

This sound is good if you’re a fan of FOB’s older music. It almost reminds me of their old album: Take This to You Grave. I also really, really like this song.

Overall, this album has very expressive views on things happening in today’s society. I would give this album a 9 out of 10 stars. Many people believe since the hiatus that FOB has become more “pop,” and those people probably wouldn’t be keen on this album. I do think this is an overall, very good album, but it may be at the back of the pack for favorite albums.

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  • G

    GENEVA FLARENDDec 22, 2015 at 9:54 am

    I have to say, I do agree that in reference to their newer albums, they have veered more towards the mainstream scene. FOB’s music is still good, but it has lost it’s “Hot Topic” influences.