This week isn’t really a DIY, it’s more of a life hack. Everyone has a problem with earbuds, right? They always get caught on things, they can never be wrapped up, and they just wind up laying all over the place.  This week has a hack for keeping those pesky earbuds in tack.

 Supplies needed:

-a pair of earbuds

 The first step is to hold out a hand,  the pointer, and pinky fingers should be out. The rest of the fingures should be tucked into the palm. This makes a kind of punk-rocker sign. Grab the earphones, and place the two speakers between the pointer finger and thumb.

 Let the extra cord go and pass the pinky. Take the other hand and wrap the extra cord around the pinky, and up to the speakers being held with the pointer and thumb.

 Continue this process with the rest of the cord. If possible, try to make a figure 8 with the cord while wrapping. When the end is near,  leave a couple  inches, then stop.

This final cord should be wrapped around the center, the cross of the figure 8. The input cord should be tucked in the bottom circle to keep this  masterpiece in tact for storage.

When it’s time to use the earbuds again, pull the speakers and the input cord in opposite directions. This untangles the entire thing!