Healthy recipes for students on the go!

Ever just in the mood for something cheesy and delicious? I love anything from grilled cheese, to soft pretzels with cheese sauce and pizza. But, are they the healthiest? Of course not! After thinking closely, I thought of a way to make a cheesy amazing dinner just a bit healthier! After telling my mom about this idea, she tried her own variation of it. I was inspired by a blog called “A Picky Eater.” I was surprised on how much I enjoyed the taste of a recipe. Everyone calls it ‘Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.’


Beginning with this super easy recipe, everyone will need to start off with a few simple ingredients. Fill the sandwich with favorite veggies and toppings. I love tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and lots of spinach! An optional choice is to use a meat to add a bit of protein, otherwise this would be a vegetarian dish. Use correct judgement on deciding how much of each product you would like to place on the sandwich. Also, use two slices of whole wheat bread for each sandwich. To include, the most important ingredient, cheese! Use only thin slices of a favorite cheese. Finally, everyone will need ketchup, salt, pepper, and cooking spray.


1.Use a panini press or pan and warm up to a medium setting.

2.Layer a slice of bread with two slices of the cheese of your  choice.

3.Place the veggies, salt & pepper, and optionally meat on the second slice of whole wheat bread.

4.Spray the pan or panini maker with cooking spray.

5.Grill as a sandwich until crispy.

6.Serve with ketchup.