Let Frozen melt your heart this month



“Some people are worth melting for.”

That is the saddest line from Olaf,their snowman friend, in the movie.  When that movie came out it was the main thing everyone was talking about.   Teens loved it, moms loved it and  kids loved it.  It was the talk of the town.  Everyone around quoted lines from that movie.  A news report said that a mother had to watch it  over 350 times for her kids.

The movie is such a fun and enjoyable movie.  It fits for all age groups. It’s a cute little movie perfect for the cold winter days.  It’s also a great movie about family and how family helps each other out.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the movie tells a tale about about two sisters,Elsa and Anna, living in a castle together.  Something happens to one of the sisters which makes them say locked up from the world.  As the sister get older it’s time to open up and stop being on lockdown.   The two sisters have a party because Elsa is at the age to be queen.  Things get in the way of the two sisters and they have to save themselves and their kingdom. This movie is on the top 3 list of this year.