Healthy Recipes for Students on the Go!

After a long day of school and extracurricular activities, some students are hungry for a bedtime snack. But, bedtime snacks are not the healthiest because calories are not as easily burned off when sleeping. A little snack though before bed is not bad at all. Something, that I always struggle with is when I eat a bedtime snack, my stomach always aches in the morning. After researching online, I realized that some foods cause bloated symptoms during the night hours. A recipe I came across was a popsicle treat that is only about 30 calories per bar and super healthy. This yummy treat is called the ‘Rhubarb Apple Popsicles.’ It is possibly one of my new favorites!


•Rhubarb (2 cups diced)

•Applesauce (I used a snack cup from my fridge, 4oz.)

•Sugar 2 tsp. (Add as much or as little as needed)

Dice the rhubarb stalks until added to 2 cups. Now, put the diced rhubarb into the microwave and cook until soft. Then, mix the applesauce and sugar to taste. Place the mixture into a popsicle container or a ziploc baggie and place in the freezer. Wait several hours before eating. Enjoy!