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The product of the week is: Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray

This product is the best hair spray out there. “Freezes your hair in its tracks” is its slogan. The slogan is telling the complete truth. Aussie has different levels of hair spray: flexible, strong, maximum and extreme. Instant Freeze is at the extreme level.

This hair spray will hold any hair style in place. It makes hair crunchy. If someone does not like their hair to be crunchy from hair spray, then this is not the hair spray for you. With it being crunchy, it holds so well. Hair never falls out of place and fly-aways don’t show. When applying make sure to not spray too close or your hair will become wet looking.

Instant Freeze Hair Spray can be bought at any drugstore. It is an easy pick up and is cheap. The company Aussie has many other hair sprays that might fit your own liking, so be sure to check it out at .